Do You Ever Wonder?

WHY over 20 years of peace negotiations brokered by the US have produced no resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?


WHY the US continues to give Israel $3 billion in aid/year while Israel defies the US demand to stop building settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories?


WHY the US was 1 of only 6 countries in the ENTIRE WORLD voting AGAINST the opinion of the international court demanding that Israel dismantle the Wall built in the occupied Palestinian territories (the other 5 were Israel, Australia, Micronesia, Palau, and the Marshall Islands)?


WHY Congress consistently approves legislation related to Israel with overwhelming bipartisan majorities (410-11 in a recent vote regarding Iran)?


WHO is the US is pushing hard to start a war with Iran that is not in the US interest?


WHAT you can do about all of this?

Learn the answers to these questions and take action at our three-day people’s summit being held to coincide with the AIPAC National Summit occurring October 13-15 in Downtown Boston.

Over the course of these three days we will hold a teach-in with noted activists, public intellectuals, and policymakers to discuss the influence of AIPAC – and the broader Israel lobby of which it is a key part – over American foreign policy and domestic politics. The teach-in will be followed by two days of protest activities and speaking out within earshot of the AIPAC National Summit.

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